How I Increased My Productivity By 5X Overnight, And You Can Too

Alright, click-baity title, but bear with me.

We all look for that quick-fix to boost productivity. It can be all from energy drinks to meditation in the morning with the hopes of getting a better working brain with more focus. 

I've been an entrepreneur since age 16, for a third of my life actually. With this comes long hours, long to-dos and a need to be creative and productive 16 hours a day. With that being said - I've tried a lot of different stuff.

Do a quick Google-search and you'll find the most common things - get up early, hit the gym, do meditation, eat good foods, find the right music - etc etc. This did nothing to me (although I do get up at 5.30 AM, but that's just to squeeze in more undistracted hours).

Increase Productivity

What worked for me is this (most important at top):

  • Write a to-do list at the end of each day

This works like magic. Try it today even. Write fairly detailed to-dos of what you want to accomplish the next day. With fairly detailed, don't write "Increase sales", but something more tangible. Use a physical to-do list, not these online ones (I don't know why - there's a dopamine rush by just ticking the task as complete with your pen).

  • Use the Pomodoro technique. Trust me.

This is a big one. Pomodoro is super simple. You work for 25 minutes on a specific task, and rest for 5 minutes. During the 25 minutes - zero distractions. No Facebook, no texting, no answering an urgent email. Nothing. If you aren't finished with the task after 25 minutes, you still got to rest, no exceptions. This works like magic and something I use daily, often in mornings when there are less distractions from employees.

  • Clean desk = Clean mind

And the final one is also, very very simple. Make sure the area around you is as tidy and neat as possible, and you'll quickly find how this eases the mind and allows you to focus for longer. No odors, no empty cans in your field of view - just focus on what you got to do.

Clean Desk

  • Dress up

If you're an entrepreneur working from home, it's easy to sit in your robe all day and never actually dress up. Change that. Studies show that we have an increased focus, productivity and better workflow if we dress up. I'm not talking about putting on your finest suit and glossy shoes by your computer - but dress decently and you'll feel better about yourself (and also valuing yourself), and this will reflect in your work.

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