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I look for skilled freelancers maybe once a week. As someone who's running several companies - your businesses are always evolving and there are always new things to be made. It can be all from new marketplaces to be featured on, where you need experts in that area - or writers for PBN within a certain niche.

I'm a big believer in as the number 1 in a company, you should have full insight in all areas of the business. And that's true. You should know the fundamentals of how marketplace algorithms work, how on-page SEO works, how to spot poor code and all the advertising terms such as CPM, CPC, CTR etc. At the same time, it's a question of time and resources - is your time better spent becoming a guru at programming or actually running the business?

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That's where freelancing comes into play. And here's where most people mess up - either going to Facebook and ask if they have any friend who's experienced in the area. More often than not - you're going to overpay for bad work.

Meet forums and freelancing platforms.

There's tons of freelancing platforms out there. Fiverr, Upwork,, Guru, to name a few, and each has its perks.

For extremely low level quality and no specific skill, Fiverr is okay. Basic logos, data entry work or simple translation. I wouldn't go here if I need to find an Amazon expert or a coder, as it's Indian-dominated with fake reviews and poor communication.

Upwork is my go-to choice of them all, and it's where I've found 70% of the people I work with on a daily-basis - whereas one of them is actually a co-owner in Ambassador. Cool, right? 

So, what are the "secrets" on finding these great freelancers that are both cost-effective, extremely skilled but also self-going with very little management? Country-selection.

If I were to search for a front-end programmer, naturally I would head to search, type in "frontend" and hit enter. The people on top are the best ones, right? Wrong. They might be talented - but they're crazily overpriced. If you're working in-house (at a company, in a office), sure, the hourly rate is justifiable - but online competing with Western Europe? No way.

Instead, try switching to Ukraine (decent level of English, good communication, extremely skilled in coding, hard-working), and you see this:

As stated above - top doesn't always mean they're the best. What I like to do is go through 40-50 different profiles, pick out 10-20 people and message them separately with a short interview. I've noticed people from Western Europe are way more eager to leave you as a client satisfied (with a possibility of ordering more), rather than just getting the job done quickly and forget about it.

There's also a few more filters you may want to check out, such as "English Level", job success, activity rate, passed tests etc.

To end off, here are my settings for finding the perfect front-end coder:

This allows you to find undiscovered people (which means - lower cost), within a reasonable price ($10-$30), that has been active for the past 2 weeks (meaning either they get hired a lot, or they're hungry and apply for jobs frequently). We want to limit it to independent freelancers, there's nothing worse than working with an agency and not having direct-contact with the worker. A big no no. And lastly, we limit to Russia and Ukraine - two developing countries that have some really talented people. It's only a matter of time until they take over the entire coding market from India, mark my words.

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